hi there! my name is jjparé (pr. 'pah-ray') and i am a toronto-based photographer and graphic designer. if you want, you can check out my portfolio at jjpare.com. i also have work spread out across the usual kinds of websites you might expect someone like me to use, like flickr, tumblr, behance, model mayhem and facebook. i also have a twitter account, but i never use it.
this blog is a collection of portrait- and fashion-based photography that I like, and occasionally draw inspiration from in my own work. i am also inspired by illustration & graphic design as well as by photography that is a little more on the sexy/nude side of things.
*I try my best to attribute each piece properly, but if you see something of yours that has been improperly labelled, feel free to correct me. Also, if you wish to have your pieces removed just drop me a line. I won't take offense.

Infinite Scroll is nice, but can really start to bog down your browser after a while (say, for example, when trying to get to the end of a photo blog with 2500+ images). Which is why I'm including, free of charge, this handy-dandy navigational tool that will jump you ahead 10 pages. Enjoy!